Enjoy the View

Mac Users love the unique design of their operating system. BetterChat for WhatsApp was designed to integrate seamlessly into your desktop environment. It’s easy on the eyes and everything is where you expect it to be - so you can get started right away!

Black is Beautiful - Introducing the Dark Theme

We know that tastes differ - so we made a dark variant of the app design. Switch anytime between the themes and enjoy the smoothness of our Dark Theme.

Silence is Golden - Sometimes

WhatsApp is a wonderful way to stay in contact with family, friends and colleagues. However, there are times when work needs to be done. Don’t worry - one mouse click can silence all notifications and sounds.

Give your Messages a Voice

Got no time to make a call, but still have the need to voice your response? Simply use our exclusive feature to record and send a voice message on your Mac. Only BetterChat for WhatsApp currently allows you to do this!

Photos with Benefits

Of course we want you to use all of the Mac’s multimedia capabilities. Take a photo with your connected webcam from within the app, give it an individual touch with one of many filters to choose from and share the result with your loved ones.

Moving Images

With BetterChat for WhatsApp, you can make use of all forms of communication. You can record a video and share it - or make a video-call with FaceTime. We’ve made it all possible for you.

appgineers Support Center

Got a question? Ask me directly or find a solution in our FAQ section below.

In order to use BetterChat for WhatsApp, you need a WhatsApp Web compatible smartphone.
Both, your Mac and the smartphone need to t connected to the internet for BetterChat for WhatsApp to work.
Without a smartphone, the app will not work.

Your phone is compatible with BetterChat for WhatsApp if it is running one of the following operating systems:

  • iOS 8.1 or later
  • Android 2.1 or later
  • Windos Phone 8.0 and 8.1
  • Nokia S60
  • Nokia S40 EVO
  • BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry 10

We at appgineers highly value your privacy. Data exchange happens only between your device and the WhatsApp Server, we do not monitor or access any of your data. BetterChat for WhatsApp connects to the website to load app-relevant data only. None of your data is being sent to us or any third party. For more information, check the Privacy Statement.

After you have downloaded BetterChat for WhatsApp from the Mac App Store, you need to launch the app by double clicking on its app icon in the Applications folder of your Mac.

Open WhatsApp on your phone and perform the following steps:

  • iPhone: go to Settings > WhatsApp Web > Scan QR-Code.
  • Android: in the Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • Windows Phone: go to Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • Nokia S60: go to Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • Nokia S40: Swipe up from bottom of screen > WhatsApp Web.
  • BlackBerry: go to Chats > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen > WhatsApp Web.

Scan the QR-Code in the BetterChat for WhatsApp window from your phone. BetterChat for WhatsApp on your Mac and WhatsApp on your phone are now paired. The app is ready for sending and receiving WhatsApp messages.

Yes, BetterChat for WhatsApp is always completely synchronized with WhatsApp on your phone. You can browse through all your previous chats and new conversations will instantly synchronize between your phone and the app.

No, BetterChat for WhatsApp is a third party app developed by appgineers. We are not sponsored by or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. in any way.

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