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Manage your external volumes with Mountain.

Living seamlessly in the menu bar Mountain allows you to mount and eject volumes with ease.

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Mountain 1.6.6 requires OS X 10.8 or later.

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Get notified whenever a volume is ready to be used or can be unplugged.

Elegant & Flexible

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Manage your Macs volumes fast and intuitively from the menu bar. Easily customize Mountain to suit your needs.


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Mount and eject groups of volumes with a single click.

Eject & Remount

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Eject and remount external volumes without the need of unplugging cables.

Quit Blocking Apps

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Identify and quit apps that block volumes from being ejected.

Recent Servers

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Have a list of recent servers right at your finger tip. Connecting your favorite network drives has never been easier.

Auto Mount & Eject

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Automatically eject all external volumes when the system is going to sleep and mount your favorite network drives when recovering from sleep.

Global Hotkeys

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Use system wide hotkeys to mount and unmount volumes.

What everyone is saying...

Quote Icon It's one of those apps that is so good it should be built-in. - TJ Luoma (TUAW)
Quote Icon You should check it out. It’s pretty frickin’ useful. - Charlie Sorrel (Cult of Mac)
Quote Icon My beloved, artisanal Remount app finally has an official equivalent. - John Siracusa (Ars Technica)
Quote Icon Mountain could make your life just a little easier. - Dan Miller (Macworld)
Quote Icon It’s essential functionality that Apple should roll into Mac OS X. - Josh Centers (tidBITS)

Also available on the Mac App Store...

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Important notice for Mac App Store customers

The Mountain version available on the Mac App Store is NOT the latest version.

Mac App Store customers can migrate to the latest version for free.

Please follow the instructions in our migration guide.

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