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Manage your external volumes with Mountain.

Living seamlessly in the menu bar Mountain allows you to mount and eject volumes with ease.

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Requires OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later.

Available now!!

Find out about the ideas behind it…

External Volumes

External disk drive

Disk capacity of todays SSD based mobile Macs is often limited. That is why large data like iTunes or iPhoto libraries will usually be stored on external volumes.

Living in the Menu Bar

Mountain Menu

Mountain allows you to mount, unmount and eject external volumes as well as network volumes. Unmount external volumes to spin them down and have them ready to be unpluged.

Quit Blocking Apps

Dialog window

Mountain identifies applications that use volumes and blocks them from being ejected. Blocking applications can be quit right away. Force quit by opt+click.


Mountain will optionally notify you whenever an external volume can be safely unplugged or a volume becomes available. Mountain supports Growl as well as Notification Center.

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